Covid-19 advice from the expert

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In the current climate, it’s time to make sure we look after ourselves and each other by taking the necessary precautions. We want to be in our best health, both mentally and physically so we’d want to be conscious of what we eat and to look after our sanity during these pressing times.

Recently I was at the Find your Mojo Workshop where Pharmacist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Holistic Health Coach), Suzanne D’Arcy, was a guest speaker. She’s currently working in the front line with the arrival of the Corona Virus pandemic. There are a lot of panicked people, huge volumes of prescriptions and dealing with widespread drug shortages but she urges people to “remain calm, and reassure our elderly and vulnerable patients that they will be looked after.”

As a health coach, Suzanne bridges the gap between the medical field and the wellness industry in an effort to redefine health care. She provides a unique and holistic approach for you to live a balanced and healthy life no matter your individual starting point. The focus is on prevention and healing using evidence based dietary and lifestyle changes. If you’re interested in what she offers be sure to follow her on Instagram at Be_Healthified.

So what should we do now?

I asked Suzanne what top tips would she recommend during this time of quarantine.

Here are her five top tips.

  1. Follow Guidelines: Follow the guidance from the HSE and government; hand washing, social distancing, avoiding travel, no hand shakes, disinfecting surfaces. This is of utmost importance.
  1. #BeKind: Look after your vulnerable family, friends and neighbours. Here is a chance to #bekind by doing shopping, picking up medicines, video calling or visiting (if appropriate and whilst maintaining the correct social distance)
  1. Selfcare: As there is no current vaccine or drug therapy for Corona virus, your defence other than avoidance lies in your own immune system. Stop smoking, drink less alcohol, increase your intake of fruit and vegetables (green smoothies), reduce intake of processed foods, drink more water, sleep more, and do activities that reduce your stress levels.

Trying celery juice for the first time ever at the recent Find Your Mojo Workshop.

  1. Take time out: Constant exposure to social media posts on Covid 19, watching the news nonstop, catastrophising worst case scenarios, all can trigger your stress response. This fight or flight response raises your heart rate, increases inflammation in the body which reduces your immune function. Use this time to reconnect with loved ones, learn to cook (my favourite!), declutter your wardrobe, write your CV, learn a language or play an instrument, read books, or anything else you have been putting off for lack of time.
  1. Meditate: Even with reduced social media and news exposure, there can still be a sense of unease or panic as we just don’t know yet what the impact on our daily lives is going to be and for how long this virus will be around, and who out of our loved ones will be affected. Meditation and breathing techniques can be very helpful to restore calm. Try guided meditations from Deepak Chopra or The Honest guys on Youtube or apps like Calm or Headspace. If you feel anxious or overwhelmed, a breathing technique called four-seven-eight is useful to take you out of fight or flight mode and into rest and digest mode. Basically breathe in for the count of four, hold for a count of seven and breathe out for a count of eight. Do this for a number of cycles and feel your heart rate slow down. It is also useful to do this breathing if you cannot sleep at night or wake early in the morning.

Your health is your wealth and now more than ever – prevention is better than a cure.

Here is the feedback from Suzanne’s recent talk on Gut Health at the Find Your Mojo Workshop below: