Radio Days Ireland 2020 highlights

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I had the pleasure of working at Radio Days Ireland again and it was a huge success for all involved. This was back in February when social distancing was not in force and most of us felt that the Island of Ireland wouldn’t be effected by the Corona Virus. I was managing the social media channels for both Learning Waves and Radio Days Ireland and got to work with a terrific team.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, it is a two day conference packed with amazing guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Those attending enjoyed insights about the challenges that we face while working in radio, how to overcome some of them and what the future of radio looks like.

There were 36 speakers, 50 companies and 200 delegates on site for this 2 day conference. They all shared their experience and knew that they weren’t alone in faces certain challenges. In the words of Paul Fernely from Reel World, “It’s so easy when you’re working in a busy radio station to forget to think beyond what you’re doing and see what the wider world’s doing.

The Irish radio market is broad, diverse and exciting and full of crazy people. So to get everyone in a room together can only result in bigger and better ideas”. 

I know that times have changed considerably due to the current pandemic but we need to learn to adapt now more than ever. Thankfully, Radio is seen as an essential service and we can be entertained and informed as we ride the tide of this unpredictable wave.

Paul Fernely from Reel World before his breakout session on ‘Evolving your stations sound – Refreshing your sound | Retaining localness’

I spoke with some of the attendees at Radio Days Ireland 2020 and they shared some of the top tips after the conference last month. One of the key take homes that really resonated with me was from Kayte O’Malley, of SPIN South West and iRadio. She spoke about the importance of local stories and staying true to your roots, “if you get a really good local story and you research it really well that it can just grow and grow”. With my experience working with LMFM it’s always the stories with a local angel that do exceptionally well eg. the Handy Stores video.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you enjoyed the most either about the conference or from the feedback from some of the attendees featured.


The event is a joint initiative by Learning Waves Skillnet, the training body for the Independent Commercial Radio Sector in Ireland and IBI, the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.

Radio Days Ireland is supported by Skillnet Ireland, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and IMRO Ireland.