The end of an Era!

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Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. That is something which an old corner store from our childhood would evoke in us if it closed its doors for a final time. Last week, Handy Stores at the end of Anne Street/start of Park Street in Dundalk, Ireland, did just that. At LMFM, we wanted to reminisce with some locals about their wonderful memories of this corner store which was over a century old. This is a shop which was a huge part of my childhood where I bought apple drops, macaroon bars & cadet drinks on my daily trips growing up with a pound in my pocket. But I wanted to find out what your memories were as this shop had been around long before I was born so I put the call out on social media to see if people wanted to share their memories & they came flooding in.

Eileen Hughes sharing her memories of Handy Stores.

Pauline McManus MacDougall said “My mother was a very good friend of Eileen and Maureen. When I did my leaving cert in 1980 she persuaded them to give me a job there for the summer. I worked there for about 3 months until I went to UCD. They were very good to me, always made me tea and gave me really good biscuits for my break!”

Cora Hanratty-Kampes “As a child in friary school we use to go down for fizzle sticks etc and when I had my children when they asked where would they get anything from a needle to a anchor, one of our first suggestions was always try handy store , the ladies may not have all on display but appeared to have a cave of treasures down the back and were so helpful always! Thanks for the lovely memories 🙏”

Dunne Geraldine; In school, I got my science copies there my ledgers for bookkeeping my copies with the Irish penny on the back we’d colour in. It’s heartbreaking. God Bless handy stores. Good luck from Majella Mc Caffrey of St. Nicholas Avenue.”

Harry Lee & Eileen Hughes at Handy Stores, Dundalk.

Liam O Gogain I loved bringing my kids there when they were young, to experience the ladies mix up the sweets from the bottles into the weighing scale and then add up the cost with pencil and paper. Aniseed ‘Nancy’ balls and floral hums. Simple magical pleasures and lovely memories.”

Aidan Walsh; I lived in Dublin street for a good few years and visits to the handy stores were an absolute pleasure.Quarter pound of a mix-up,20 Rothmans and some rosary beads PLEASE 😂 The ladies who owned it were just amazing,They made a great team.Also the cats and dogs added to the legend.We’ll never see the like of it again and it will be missed.Best wishes to everyone there -.Dundalk legends”

These are just some of the wonderful memories shared over the week- click into the video above to view more. Thanks to all who shared their memories across social media to remind us all of the wonderful stories about Handy Stores.


Reminiscence of Handy Stores Dundalk

Handy Stores closes its doors at the weekend & some shared their memories during the week with Helena Mullins Presenter/Reporter of LMFM.

Posted by LMFM on Friday, May 31, 2019