The Most Christmassy Pub in the North East!

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I get sent to many wonderful places across the North East to cover stories but McKeever’s Bar & Lounge was definitely one of the highlights for me. We received an e-mail from Jessica at McKeever’s Pub in Skerrymount, Beaupark, Navan, to tell us all about the Christmas Spirit & how every year they would have their decorations up by November 22nd just in time for her mam Avril’s Birthday. The pub itself is over 150 years old & Jessica is the fourth generation in the family run business. The business is currently being run by Jessica, her grandmother Angela & her mother Avril.

Jessica, Angela & Avril McKeever.

Jessica told us in the e-mail that, “Christmas has a big big place in her mam’s (Angela’s) heart since she was a child and she really really loves Christmas! She loves it so much because she sees the smiles on people’s faces and once our community is happy she is happy she even has a selection box for every child that comes in to the pub!”.

Angela after her interview.

I was made to feel most welcome at their lovely pub & got talking to Jessica’s Grandmother about marrying into the pub business & what the change was like coming from a farming background. Here’s what she had to say: